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Em Talk Calculator. Juni 30, Home» Tools» Programming Calculators» Online Checksum Calculator» SCADACore SCADA / IIoT Remote Monitoring. Zuschriften an MDR SACHSEN Die Sachsen erinnern sich an den großen Sportreporter "Zimmi" – Frank Holfert aus Dresden ging mit Zimmi zur Schu. Em Talk Calculator. Veröffentlicht von admin. How to Use the Poker Odds Calculator. Pick the poker variation you're playing in the top drop-down menu and the. A very easy to use and fast hold'em odds calculator. Just add players hole cards and board cards and “hold'em odds calculator” immediately calculates the odds. The deliciouslydifferent.be Poker Odds Calculator is a calculator app that provides odds for a wide range of poker variants, including Texas Hold'em, Omaha, and.

Em Talk Calculator

You feel like you are programming something from , which is part of the nostalgic joy of HP calculators. Thank goodness they still make them. A calculator​. Casio Memory H - Vintage calculator - Casio Memory81 H If these things don't bring back warm, fuzzy memories, then you can talk to the hand. Em Talk Calculator. Juni 30, Home» Tools» Programming Calculators» Online Checksum Calculator» SCADACore SCADA / IIoT Remote Monitoring. Lando09 talk2 August UTC. Jellyman talk17 January UTC. This needs to be fixed. Welcome to multi-award winning blog, Emtalks. Based on the discussion directly above, I'd like to request that the term "ODI" is unlinked in the field "ODI debut", so all three formats are consistant. Frietjes Rickie Lambert21 Juegos De Casino Sizzling Hot Gratis UTC. The second one I disagree with much more strongly, and that is having a gender sign at the top of the Online Spiele Skat Kostenlos.

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How to sound smart in your TEDx Talk - Will Stephen - TEDxNewYork Em Talk Calculator Ucucha1 May UTC. Some possible improvements that could be done are:. Your Name. Because, now modern trend of cricket really favours the mentioning for the batting and bowling strike rates. It is possible Eurosport Online Gratis an umpire may have been a cricketer at one point, but that is not always the case. There first is having "Cricketer" has a heading, which Casino Ohne Anmeldung Gratis Online Spielen disagree with this mildly. By browsing our Ultrabook Spiele, you consent to our use of cookies and other tracking technologies. I've noticed the name of the country they are from links Betrug Bei Pokerstars the national team for the country - even when the player isn't an international player. Issue resolved by adding women in front of the team. Ninney talk16 January UTC. Und wie geht es sonst weiter in. The stats columns can be set to 0 now, which may be useful when full stats breakdowns are unknown as well. I'd do it myself, but I'm not confident enough to do it without screwing up the template syntax, but could someone add an optional caption for any image used.

Magic Tap can be used to speak with the built-in or custom recorded voice. Low vision: High contrast display mode, with optional speech.

The calculation results are spoken. Why record new voices? The calculator will speak with the accent you are used to hearing.

Note also that the VoiceOver feature built into your device, while awesome, is not good at reading out large and small numbers. It can also be fun to experiment with silly voices.

How good is the sound quality of recorded voices? Version 5. Fixed some issues with very large integers around 1 quintillion. Fixed some issues with negative fractions.

I had hoped it would do speech recognition but it is no better than the built in App provided by Apple. I have a math-obsessed autistic son.

Now it's his favorite "toy. And he is thrilled by hearing super-long numbers correctly read aloud when he taps on them. We will have fun recording our own voices, for sure.

Support for this app is also excellent. I had a tiny issue, so contacted the creator. He updated the app immediately!

I had so much fun with this app it makes math awesome the only thing u could possibly do better is allow the action button to be recorder and labeled if u are not using VO.

Requires iOS Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. App Store Preview. Screenshots iPhone iPad. Description A comprehensively featured calculator that has become a favorite among adults and primary schools around the world.

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There is Disagreement over the use of calculators in school? Why is there disagreement? Calculators certainly suppress arithmetic skills in young students.

Soon we shall see arithmetic blockheads around the world. And calculators are getting more smarter, but students are getting dumber. Today's students cannot use a 1 line scientific calculator from the s.

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Mathematics portal. Daily pageviews of this article. Back Bay Books. Requested move I. Since polling is not a substitute for discussion , please explain your reasons, taking into account Wikipedia's policy on article titles.

Strongly oppose. This is clearly the primary topic for calculator. If it is, it should redirect to "electronic calculator", and if it's not it should be a disambig.

Either way, since mechanical calculators were taken out of what was previously a larger-scope article, the title "electronic calculator" does a much better job of saying what this article is about.

Dicklyon talk , 1 August UTC Support - if we're going to have "mechanical calculator" split off, then this article should be called "electronic calculator".

This article is not about calculators. It is only about electronic ones. Joja lozzo , 4 August UTC Support We have clear justification for topics of calculator , mechanical calculator and electronic calculator.

As it stands, this is closer to the electronic calculator than the others. A rename seems appropriate, with a temporary redirect from calculator to electronic calculator until an appropriate overall historical article and not just a disambig is created.

However, I don't think it's really debatable that the common name for electronic calculators is "calculator", is it? If you're not sure, just do a google search for calculator or ask anyone you know what they think you're referring to when you use the word calculator.

In this day and age, electronic is obviously implied. The place to change those is not here. The proposal here is to create a disambiguation page at Calculator.

But even the redirect is problematic, because people call electronic calculators "calculator"; it's the common name.

ErikHaugen talk contribs , 2 August UTC Another way The common usage of the word 'calculator' is undoubtedly to denote an electronic calculator, and it's what most people would type into the search box to find an article, but the requirement for precison suggests that the article should be called 'electronic calculator'.

So 'calculator' shoud be a redirect to 'electronic calculator', with a hatnote there to redirect the rare reader who wants to know about other types of calculator.

Dicklyon talk , 2 August UTC The request at the top of this section says 'Calculator should become a disambiguation page with links to the two halves of the split'.

I'm not supporting that. Are you? I'm saying 'calculator' should be a redirect to 'electronic calculator', and the hatnote on 'electronic calculator' should point people to the existing disambig page.

It says: "If the topic of the article is the primary topic or only topic for a desired title, then the article can take that title without modification.

It is clearly misleading not to have "electronic" in the title, given the history of the topic. I'm wondering whether "Electronic" should be added to section title "Calculators versus computers".

Probably it should. Is it misleading to not have ", England" in the title of our London article? As we have the article Mechanical calculator , it would seem totally logical that the article about its electronic counterpart should occupy the relevant namespace, rather than squatting at an ambiguous and generic title.

A hatnote to Mechanical calculator is sufficient. The majority of the article's sources refer to the item simply as a 'calculator'. A hatnote suffices.

If you go to Wal-Mart and ask "Where are the calculators? No one calls them "electronic calculators" in everyday speech; only if they for some strange reason need to distinguish them from mechanical ones do they even mention that they are electronic.

It's just assumed, because no one uses mechanical ones anymore. Our article even specifically calls them "obsolete".

There's no way they could possibly compete for primary topic status. Are any of those things called, specifically, "electronic calculators"?

No; it's assumed. Are any of those things not electronic calculators? No; everyone knows "calculator" means an electronic one.

I am surprised there is disagreement about what a calculator is. Any device that can do calculations is a calculator - vernacular usage does not govern content here.

A "Calculator" article should encompass all devices that calculate not just contemporary instances.

A "Calculator" article should present an overview that covers history as well as present day. This article is only about electronic calculators and should be titled as such.

We title articles by what they are most commonly called. Do you really think "electronic calculators" is more common than "calculators" when referring to these products?

When the calculator article was split into mechanical and electronic parts, the titles should have been adjusted to reflect that.

The prior concensus was that both are important facets of calculators. Dicklyon talk , 2 August UTC "Recentism" usually refers to a bias toward events of the last couple of years, not the last couple of decades.

Electronic calculators have been around long enough to have become the de facto standard, and there's no reason not to take readers directly to that article when they search for "calculator".

Powers T , 2 August UTC In this case, "long-term, historical view" applies to recent decades and centuries just as well.

It's designed to avoid fluctuation brought on by increased coverage and interest due to news events or other transient conditions.

That is not what is happening here. See the comments on "going into a Walmart store"; this passing fad of big-box stores selling new-fangled electronical gadgets This is like the mirror-universe version of 'recentism' - 'ancientism', perhaps?

Having Calculator redirect to Electronic calculator works for me. It blends common expectations and sufficient precision. As you say, few would be surprised to end up at Electronic calculator.

If we ever want a Calculator overview article we can stick a hat tag for it here or revisit the issue. Joja lozzo , 2 August UTC My point was that vanishingly few would be surprised to get an article about electronic calculators when they go to an article with the title "Calculator".

IOW, the precision concerns are not an issue; it's ok to leave this article where it is. It's about being more precise about what the article content is.

Dicklyon talk , 3 August UTC Boston, Massachusetts is more precise about what the article content is, but the article is still at Boston.

The broader scope would of course not be analogous to trying to cover in one article the various cities called Boston, just because they share a name.

Calculators aren't just things sharing a name; they are a set of things broader than what the current article is about. Dicklyon talk , 4 August UTC Human psychology is more precise about the scope of the article, but the article is still at Psychology.

Powers T , 4 August UTC The reason I support Dicklyon's proposal for a redirect to here from "Calculator" is that it will minimize search time and be unlikely to confuse readers.

Someone looking for Mechanical calculator is likely to try Calculator first and with the current title will think they are at the right spot when they land here.

If the title is "Electronic calculator" they will immediately know they have the wrong article and can select the Mechanical calculator hat tag.

Those looking for electronic calculator will know right away that they are at the right spot so there would be no confusion there.

Joja lozzo , 10 August UTC "The first calculator debuted 67 years ago -- and weighed five tons. Powers T , 5 August UTC That's a funny example to cite, being mostly an example of how the imprecision we're talking about results in a ridiculous statement: "The first calculator debuted 67 years ago Dicklyon talk , 11 August UTC If we are to take this video as evidence for usage, it argues for the Electronic calculator title.

Throughout, it refers to the device as an electronic calculator. If you look in books in Google book search, for example , you'll find "calculator" used for a huge variety of things, including software apps, books of tables, cardboard analog contrivances, etc.

And you'll find "electronic calculator" used in many more books than "mechanical calculator". Taken together, and looking at the contents of this article, and the history of its split from mechanical calculator , these suggest that "electronic calculator" is a good common name for this article's topic, and "calculator" is way too imprecise even though they do also get called that frequently.

Dicklyon talk , 10 August UTC Perhaps I am misreading but it looks to like those opposed mention only primary topic not precision. Only supporters mention precision and those in opposition do not rebut it but reassert primary topic.

If the main reason for opposition is primary topic, we have either unacknowledged consensus or undisclosed unclear reasons for opposition.

Can you support that? Should we start over to clear up that confusion? The following discussion is an archived discussion of the proposal.

Please do not modify it. Subsequent comments should be made in a new section on the talk page.

No further edits should be made to this section. I think that's why we have this proposal and why most respondents supported it the first time around.

If there is no primary topic which I strongly dispute , then Calculator should be a disambiguation page.

Either way this move request should fail. It is the common name of a class of devices of which the electronic version is only one example.

ErikHaugen talk contribs , 11 August UTC Support — the current name is too imprecise, since the mechanical part was split out to Mechanical calculator.

Titles should be precise enough to reasonably define the topic. Dicklyon talk , 11 August UTC But it also says that if there's a primary topic for, in this case, "calculator", then there is no need to disambiguate further if "calculator" is also the commonname.

This debate, I think, is just about whether "calculator" is the common name for the subject. ErikHaugen talk contribs , 11 August UTC Oppose : It's just common sense, people mean electronic calculator when they say "calculator".

A hatnote to mechanical calculator is sufficient. This is the primary topic for calculator, so there's no need to change it and if Calculator becomes a redirect to Electronic calculator it is still the primary topic.

As for precision that is only needed if the title is ambiguous, so readers have trouble finding the article; and again if Calculator is a redirect to Electronic calculator it's just as precise or imprecise as before.

The additional precision of this title would be very helpful to the reader: I personally would expect an article titled "calculator" to cover at least mechanical calculators.

I'm not even sure if Calculator should be a redirect here, an overview article or disambiguation page might seem more appropriate.

Simply "calculator" is the common name for electronic calculators, and what readers will expect to see as the title. Yes, I might might not be surprised if an article about electronic calculators would be titled "Calculator", but given an article titled "Calculator", I would expect it to cover mechanical calculator as well, which isn't the case here.

Certainly the average person would be caught off guard if they went into a store, asked to see the calculators, and was asked "what do you mean, African or European electronic or mechanical?

This is an encyclopedia, not the Staples catalog. We should cover the whole topic - a couple of paragraphs at least to cover the epic brawling saga of mechanical calculators the men who built them If you want to change the scope of the article, a requested move is not the way to do it.

If I went to a store and asked for a television, I'd expect to be shown some flat-screen TVs. An article called "Calculator" should describe everything that anyone has called "Calculator", even if only a couple of lines with a see-also reference to a more detailed article.

College Board. Retrieved 26 August Retrieved 29 March Categories : Wikipedia level-4 vital articles in Technology Wikipedia B-Class vital articles in Technology Wikipedia B-Class level-4 vital articles Mathematics articles related to general mathematics Frequently viewed mathematics articles B-Class mathematics articles Mid-Priority mathematics articles C-Class Version 1.

66 Programable LCD BASIC pocket computer calculator in Informática y tablets​, Neon Talk. Casio TM FM Voice Transmitter Watch Turn it on. plays an important role when we talk about the personal ecological footprint. These new values will now be incorporated into the footprint calculators. For all exams, only non-programmable calculators are permitted. For some exams (like in math and statistic), more restrictive rules apply which only permit some. You feel like you are programming something from , which is part of the nostalgic joy of HP calculators. Thank goodness they still make them. A calculator​. curta calculator ~ curta calculateur | willkommen - welcome - bienvenue If their level is a bit higher, they might have fun saying, "Woman talk ou não existe um desses ainda em funcionamento em um museu na Alemanha), onde. Em Talk Calculator One Makao these registers one could call it the 'accumulator would be sent back to the serial memory. Views Read Edit New section View history. Ex: If you avail home Airtel Prepaid Recharge to purchase a house as an investment, then optimistic scenario enables you to compare this with other investment opportunities. Electronic calculators have been around long enough to have become the de facto standard, and there's no reason not to take readers directly to that article when they search for "calculator". However in between the counting tube and counting circuit designs and the first application specific chipsets there were quite a few machines that used many discreet i. Clear button clears the last input. As far as I Free Slots Games For Kindle, it is usual, from pretty much the beginning of electronic hand calculators through today, Em Talk Calculator do BCD digit serial arithmetic. However, some of which may be too difficult to do in mind so such exams may clearly specify that calculators can be used. This article has been selected for Version 0. Currently, the method for suppressing the name in the box title is somewhat opaque either with Sport Prognosen nowiki tags or by omitting the name parameter completely. Wir waren in. Share on Pinterest. Updated: March 11, This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. Ninney talk16 January UTC. Harrias talk10 October UTC.

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