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Live Srip

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Live Srip

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Several hours before the show, Mr. LaBoy begins hyping up the event on social media using the hashtag respectfully. Because Instagram prohibits explicit content, Mr.

LaBoy creates a new Instagram handle for each event. LaBoy brings in Justin Combs, then kicks back and begins streaming a glass of red wine, which has become a meme of its own.

When Mr. Women said they have raked in thousands of dollars from Cash App donations. He also plugs his own handle, then distributes the funds as a bonus.

The amount of money Alexis has been able to earn through the internet far outpaces what she was previously earning at her job at the club, and for far less effort.

Five minutes compared to eight hours of work. Women who have appeared as guests have also amassed a larger following on their Instagram accounts.

Alexis started a secondary Instagram account for her own Instagram Lives, after partygoers sent her messages with offers. Where you from?

Several women who have been featured have become close friends. The New York Times agreed to identify them only by their first names. Some, like Sasha, wear a ski mask while they dance; others simply film from the waist down.

Sasha said she prefers to keep her offline identity separate from the work she has stumbled into online. I have to pay my bills and get groceries.

The success of the Respectfully Justin Show has spawned a stream of copycats, many of which look to be taking advantage of women in need.

Other users pretend to be Mr. LaBoy or Mr. Misc: -v, --version display version -h, --help display this help message -c, --compile compile to JavaScript and save as.

Compile a LiveScript file, creating a file. The JSON data you supply is bound to this in the eval expression. You can either pipe in JSON, and use the -j,--json flag, or use a file with the.

In Node, requiring this also registers it in require. Compile a string of LiveScript code into plain JavaScript. If the string fails to compile, a SyntaxError is thrown.

Evaluate a string of LiveScript code. Note that this uses the Function constructor. Generate the AST representation of the LiveScript source, if it is a string, or the token stream if it is an array.

If it is a string that cannot be parsed as LiveScript code, a SyntaxError is thrown. If it is an Array, an Error is thrown if the stream is not valid.

Emacs basic LiveScript support: livescript-mode. And more on the wiki page. Add yours to the growing list! Standard Library prelude. Source Maps Use the -m, --map option when compiling to generate source maps.

It has several possible values, none - the default, linked , linked-src , embedded , and debug There are three files involved when generating sourcemaps: The original LiveScript source The sourcemap The generated JavaScript source a can optionally be embedded inside b , and b can optionally be embedded inside c via a comment.

Use linked or linked-src if you are directly serving the output from lsc to the browser - ie. They keep the original source separate, so the JavaScript file is still small.

Use embedded for everything else - it's self-contained and it's the only form most other tools such as browserify will accept as input.

The file will be significantly larger, but you can remedy this by running a separate tool at the end of your build pipeline to split the output back into the linked form.

Introduction Like many modern languages, blocks are delimited by whitespace indentation and newlines are used instead of semicolons to terminate statements you can still use semicolons if you want to fit more than one statement on a line.

To further clear things up, you can omit the parentheses when calling a function. Lisp hackers, you may be pleased to know that you can use dashes in the name of your variables and functions.

The names are equivalent to, and are compiled to, camel case. The file extension for LiveScript is.

You may also have noticed that we have omitted return. In LiveScript, almost everything is an expression and the last one reached is automatically returned.

However, you can still use return to force returns if you want, and you can add a bang! If you want to simply declare a variable and not initialize it, you can use var.

They are checked at compile time - the compiled JS is no different. However, objects are not frozen if declared as constants - you can still modify their properties.

You can force all variables to be constants if you compile with the -k or --const flags. You can double click any of the examples to load the LiveScript code into the compiler to the right, or you can play around and try out your own code.

Press run to execute the compiled JavaScript. Literals Numbers. Single quoted strings are passed through as-is.

Simple variables can be interpolated without curly braces. This allows you to join the result as you wish. They are not passed through to the compiled output.

They need at least two items for it to work. If you have only one item, you can add a yaddayaddayadda The asterisk does not denote an item of the list, but merely sets aside an implicit structure so that it is not muddled with the other ones being listed.

You can optionally add a by which defines the step of the range. If you omit the first number, it is assumed to be 0.

Equality compiles to exec so you can use the results, while the negative simply compiles to test. If it is spaced on one side only, then it is taken to be the increment operator.

PI; Property copy - copy enumerable properties from right to left, and evaluate to the left. It does not create a deep clone of the object, rather the resulting object's prototype is the operand.

Remember that prototypes are ignored when serializing to JSON. Remember that the clone operator creates a prototypical clone, and prototypes are not serialized in JSON.

Overview LiveScript is a language which compiles to JavaScript. Installation You can install LiveScript through npm : sudo npm install -g livescript.

Usage Command Line: Usage: lsc [options] General: LiveScript. Note that this does keep state between calls. Browser-specific methods: LiveScript.

LiveScript 1. Generators and Yield You can use generators and yield in your LiveScript code! If and Unless There are several ways to format an if statement.

Note that the if statement is actually an expression, and be used as such. Loops and Comprehensions There are three basic forms of for loop.

One that iterates through a range of numbers, one that iterates through items in a list, and one that iterates through keys and values of an object.

We will first examine the for loop that iterates through a range of numbers. It's also useful as it means the variables in your loop are not exposed to the loops surrounding scope.

Counting from a number, if omitted defaults to 0. Counting up to and including a number, or counting up til but not including a number.

If used as an expression, loops will evaluate to a list. Switch break is automatically inserted, and multiple conditions are allowed.

Exceptions You can throw exceptions with the aptly named throw. Object Oriented Programming Classes are simple sugar for the definition of constructor functions and the setting of their prototype.

The constructor function is defined as function literal at the top level of the class definition. Properties of its prototype are defined by object literals at the top level.

If your range goes downwards, ie. Any postfix loops which you do not want returning a list, change to not postfixed, eg.

Change any calls to super from super to super Change any bitwise operators to themselves surrounded by dots. If you are modifying variables in upper scopes at any time, eg.

Change the name of any of your variables named it , that , fallthrough , or otherwise. Those are terrible names for variables so you should change them anyway.

This technically isn't required in all cases, but will be less confusing if you do so in all cases. If you have any multiline strings non triple quoted strings using "string" or 'string' , eg.

Change any do s special casing function literals to using let. A dually spaced dot is now used to compose functions. Change any non spaced identifier subtraction, eg.

This is because a-b is a valid identifier in LiveScript, equivalent to its camel case, aB. Changelog 1. See See for rationales.

Unary operator spreading now requires a Features REPL gains a saved history file and autocompletion for globals Embedded source maps get generated when requiring a.

Inbound JSON is bound to this Fixed a regression from previous versions that did not allow for flag style positionals after a first positional eg.

Added back the --require option missing in 1. Also made modules accesible in a similar manner to require! Fixed bug with require!

Added quick map in comprehensions, using cascade reference. See section for more details. Added the ability to have unary operators in parameters.

You can use this to cast parameters to either booleans!! See section for more. Deprecated the where statement. Deprecated undefined as an alias to void.

Please use void instead. Deprecated the!? When used postfix, please negate the existence operator instead, eg. If used as a logic operator, please use an if statement and the existence operator instead, eg.

Please also remember that the short function syntax is also currently deprecated and will be removed in the next major LiveScript release.

Think "LiveScript Compiler". Added single line cascades. Cascades are callable, eg. To make things easier, comprehensions can now be multiline.

If you were relying on this behavior, simply remove the brackets of the inner comprehension to make it a nested comprehension.

Added require! See documentation. Added the ability to call super outside of the class body, when adding static or instance methods to a class.

The 'from' number in a range can be omitted, to be consistent with for loops. If the number is omitted, it is assumed to be 0.

This is mostly for compatibility with CoffeeScript, and for higher level libraries and frameworks. If you do a named function, and the do statement is not being used as an expression, the function retains its hoisting.

This is slightly different from delete in LiveScript, which returns the deleted item if used as an expression. Not to be used in regular code.

JS literals are denoted with two backticks. Use a while loop if you want to mutate indices. Also, the last value of the index is the last value it has in the loop.

You can destructure the catch parameter. Bug fixes. The negation simply uses test. Binary logic is callable, eg.

Added deep compare, allows the comparison of objects, arrays, and more. Now simply as in JS, but surrounded by dots. Speed improvements Allowed arbitrary expressions in slicing syntax, eg.

Bug fixes Improved repl 0. See Changes from Coco for more details. For more details see Changes from Coco.

Inspiration Functional languages in general Haskell F. Name LiveScript was one of the original names for JavaScript, so it seemed fitting.

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