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In earlier years, the Religious Zionist movement downplayed the reports of what some called traitorous actions of the Israeli Government, and the movement continued to stress its unconditional support of the state.

However, since the call to implement Ariel Sharon 's Israel's unilateral disengagement plan of to withdraw the IDF from Gaza and Northern Samaria and to expel the Jews living there, the Hardalim have been undergoing an intense ideological crisis.

Many, such as Rabbi Shmuel Tal [1] have changed their ideological attitude toward the State of Israel, coming to see it not as an inherently valuable entity, but solely as a means to an end.

To the extent that that end is not being realized, the state is not to be supported. Thus, they have come to believe that the State of Israel can no longer be considered "the beginning of the Redemption " as Rabbi Zvi Yehudah Kook taught.

Some have ceased waving the Israeli flag , saying prayers for the State of Israel and no longer celebrate Independence Day.

On Independence Day, when millions of Israelis attach Israeli flags to their cars, some of these Hardalim refused to wave the flag. A handful even attached black flags with orange ribbons signifying opposition to expulsions from Jewish villages in the West Bank.

Others Hardal leaders, particularly Rabbi Shlomo Aviner, have declared that they continue to support the State regardless.

This schism process was accelerated after the Israeli Police , attempted to evict extremist youths who came to protest against the expulsion and demolition of a group of houses in the West Bank Jewish village of Amona , near Jerusalem , after which allegations arose of police and army abuse of the protesters.

The Hardalim, while similar to the mainstream Haredim in their shunning and animosity against non-Orthodox schools and schisms as well as their general shunning of many modern societal trappngs, is mostly separated from the Haredi world by their outright pro-settlement stance and activity, as well as their primarily-rural- or village-based demographic; the Haredim are rarely found among supporters of settlements in the West Bank, and have been historically noted for their vacillation between bare support for the state or outright hostility to the state's existence the latter being demonstrated by the Neturei Karta sect.

Despite their roots within Modern Orthodox Judaism and Religious Zionism, the Hardalim have become increasingly distinguished from both currents while simultaneously retaining continuity with them in theology and ideology.

The Hardalim have vacillated in their support for the state compared to the continuous desire for religious settlement and residency in the Yesha as according to their interpretation of halacha regarding the settlements; as a result, the Hardalim have increasingly become opposed to the state's actions against settlement, and they have formed the religious hardcore of the anti-disengagement movement in the s.

Currently, one of the most important leaders is Rabbi Zvi Yisrael Tau, dean of Yeshivat Har Hamor, who leads the most conservative branch of Hardal im, who are now almost indistinguishable from the mainstream Haredi world.

Others strongly reject his loyal attitude towards the State, often termed as "Mamlachti'ut". One such Rabbi who opposes Rabbi Tau's approach is Rabbi Tal, who has instructed his students to cease celebrating Israeli Independence Day due to what many see as a betrayal of Zionist ideals by the Israeli government.

Many Hardalim live in Yesha West Bank towns. There are yeshivot in Ramat Gan and Yerucham which are seen as Hardal yeshivot.

While the subject of the article, Hardal, is an acronym, it is also the Hebrew word for mustard. Sign In Don't have an account? Categories :. Fan Feed.

There was emphasis placed on modesty in dress, and early marriage. Shlomo Aviner was a major ideologue for this group. He is also against any academic influence on teachers colleges, rejecting the influence of modern educational psychology, and modern approaches to the study of the Bible.

Those who follow this approach are called followers of Yeshivat HaKav - " Yeshivot that follow the line". Several characteristics differentiate Hardalim from both the Haredi and the mainstream Modern Orthodox religious Zionist world:.

Notable is the absence of Yiddish in Hardal society and speech. Many Hardali families have chosen not to own a television, and are not consumers of the general popular culture, in contrast to Modern Orthodox religious Zionists.

Hardalim typically dress like most Modern Orthodox religious Zionists would, but place a slightly larger emphasis on appearing neat, wearing their tzitzit out of their pants, and wearing a significantly larger kippah.

Like other religious Zionists, they usually wear colored knitted kippahs. In contrast to Haredim, many Hardalim do not wear only white shirts or a black outfit, and only a handful of Hardalim wear a jacket and a hat; these are usually only worn by the highest levels of rabbinic leadership of the Hardal world.

Hardalim see the return to the land and its building as a very important mitzvah , since they believe we are in the dawn of the Messianic Age.

Therefore, hiking in the land, building settlements, and knowledge of its flora and fauna are considered as mitzvot.

An exception forms the small group of extreme right-wing Hardalim who firmly oppose the current State of Israel and want it dismantled, to subsequently replace it with a Torah-based theocracy.

Hardalim fiercely opposed Israel's mass expulsion of Jews from the Gaza Strip and northern Samaria in While some Haredim also opposed the retreat and destruction of the Jewish communities, the Haredi rabbis did not condone active opposition; most with the notable exception of Chabad Lubavitch adopted a neutral, passively resisting, or even supportive attitude.

Hardalim will usually respect the Da'as Torah of a personal rabbi, but are not as dependent as Haredim, who publicly and privately strictly adhere to the advice of their rabbinical leadership.

In contrast, Modern Orthodox religious Zionists might have a personal rabbi, but are usually more independent. Unlike their Modern Orthodox counterparts, Hardali men often grow payot sidelocks , and an untrimmed beard.

Hardali women usually dress in clothing styles that are banned from the Haredi world for reasons of tzniut , such as shirts with texts on them for example, against the expulsion of Jews from Gaza settlements in , and bare feet in sandals.

Hardalim have in common the belief, most identified with Abraham Isaac Kook, that the Zionist movement and the state of Israel play a central role in the Messianic process.

This belief is tested when the state takes steps that seem to undermine the Messianic process, particularly removing Jewish residents from settlements, and transferring the parts of Land of Israel to non-Jewish control.

Hardalim variously lean towards one of two general approaches to this conflict. The term statist also refers to many more moderate religious Zionists, who are willing to accept the "will of the Jewish people" as a consideration when it comes to many other issues, such as the secular nature of society.

This latter group predates the Hardal movement by decades, and is identified much more with the mainstream Religious Zionist movement than with the Hardalim.

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