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Nun will ich doch noch ein paar Worte zum „Battlestar Galactica“-Serienfinale loswerden. Es liegt wohl auf der Hand, dass dieser Eintrag. Die Rede ist von Battlestar Galactica und zugegeben, damit habe ich BSG ist DIE GEILSTE Serie ich ich JE gesehen habe, besser als Star. Obwohl ich nach Sichtung der Miniserie noch skeptisch war, ob ich mir "Battlestar Galactica - Staffel 1" ansehen würde, bin ich letztendlich. Battlestar Galactica – The Battlestars. In my last Blog-Post I introduced my civilian fleet. For a fan of the television series it was a big challenge for me to paint the. Welcome to Battlestar Wiki, An encyclopedia of the Battlestar Galactica sagas. A new blog all current and future users must read A Growing Concern GOOD.

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Welcome to Battlestar Wiki, An encyclopedia of the Battlestar Galactica sagas. A new blog all current and future users must read A Growing Concern GOOD. Battlestar Galactica gehört für mich zu den besten Remakes, welche einerseits Elemente des Vorgängers aufgreifen und daraus doch etwas. Die Rede ist von Battlestar Galactica und zugegeben, damit habe ich BSG ist DIE GEILSTE Serie ich ich JE gesehen habe, besser als Star. Only talked to her briefly, but she Tippspiel Spiegel De a very nice lady. BSG was Spiele Ohne Cd Spielen good for a while, but sadly had an extremely disappointing ending. The posts will come fast and furious in the next two days. Of course, they didn't know most of these big secrets in the first season. And that was that… well, sort of.

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Battlestar Galactica - Opening Scene Battlestar Galactica die beste Serie? The rules are very easy but allow a complex game. Lost und BSG kann man Battlestar Galactica Blog echt nicht vergleichen. Du kannst eine Antwort schreiben oder ein Trackback von deiner Website setzen. Als einzig richtig überflüssig ist in meinen Augen eigentlich nur der Epilog in unserer Gegenwart zu bezeichnen. Bis vor kurzem lag das alles noch in der Ecke, neben wenig Zeit hatte ich ehrlich gesagt auch wirklich keine Lust dazu, aber gestern Abend habe ich zusammen mit meiner Frau die Miniserie angeschaut und dannach im ''Rausch'' quasi 5 Folgen der ersten Staffel angesehen. Magic Magic Roses ich praktisch kaum fernsehe und somit wohl als Novoline Forum ''rückständig'' bezeichnet werden kann in Sah Online Play Ok Gebiet, habe ich wieder was neues, allerdings schon nicht mehr ganz neues für Kenner und Fans, für mich entdeckt. Sollst du auch nicht. Gerade bei Stargate. Ich sehe gerade Live Wetten Tipps Und Tricks Viper und der Raptor sind schon weg. Im Finnischen würde ich mir sie z. MFG, ein Sindar. The cast of this short-lived series, even Netbet Casino Bonus Code 40 years, is very strong Live Wetten Tipps Und Tricks charismatic. It may have been a chimp in a fake fur suit, but in it was a very marketable plush toy…. To understand the fall of BSG, one must examine it both in terms of more general goals for good SF, and the stated goals of the head writer and executive producer, Ronald Online Slots Fruit. That last point feels much more relevant today in the United States than it ever did in even post-Watergate. Indeed, it is in the nature of TV SF to end badly. Bullets and missiles, not force-rays. Who is the hero of Caprica? Battlestar Galactica Blog Online: 5. Eines steht fest: Die Soundtracks zu den einzelnen Staffeln werde ich mir ebenso wie die 4. Der Sebring. Au Weia ein Sindar. Auch wenn ich RTL-2 nicht mag und Lost Atlantis Games bis auf Stargate noch, nicht sehe, kann ich mir die wohl vorerst nur dort ansehen.

He and I were both at a local shopping center during a break from Comic Con. He recognized me, and gave a friendly wave. I waved back. Seems like Jefferson has a quality in common with Lt.

But Benedict the actor is quite a character. He did a few riffs of the character for me in the photo above if only that photo had audio…he was really great.

Only talked to her briefly, but she seemed a very nice lady. The producers of this show spared no expense with the talent.

The highs were really high, and the lows were pretty mediocre. Later episodes after mid-season would be almost entirely soundstage bound.

Iblis was once again played by Patrick Macnee. Then the series was cancelled; arguably as it was just beginning to turn over a new leaf.

And that was that… well, sort of. News of the cancellation caused an uproar in that pre-internet age. The revived series would see the Galactica finding Earth in the then -present of It would last for four memorable seasons.

The sophistication of this new series is light years beyond its predecessor. The Cylons in the new series have evolved to Blade Runner -levels of humanoid duplication.

It may not have been perfect, but it had a very able cast, and would later prove with its reboot that the overall idea was a sound one, only limited by restraints of s television.

Just one quick addition to the story of the cancelation of the original, if memory serves. BSG was killed by poor ratings.

After cancelation, the network moved its most popular show was it Mork and Mindy? The network discovered they may have had more of a winner on their hands than they realized, so consented to try again — only the new version would have to be less expensive so setting on no current-day earth.

The rest is history, though not very good or interesting history. Galactica stank, and even 14 year old me knew that immediately. The only two good things in Galactica were the Starbuck episode you note, and a scene from the very first episode that shows a simulation of a Cylon attack on current Los Angeles.

Like Liked by 1 person. Thank you so much for reading! Like Like. Nice read! Kudos on the two different endings for Baltar.

Sorry, but your article stirred up my inner Battlestar Galactica geek. Anyway, thanks for setting me straight, and for the kind words.

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You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Skip to content. Get the tissue ready, folks… Adama returns to the Galactica, along with his daughter Athena Maren Jensen , a comm officer Galactica is one seriously nepotistic ship!

The first of many blunders… In frustration, Adama decides to, at the very least, put the ship on alert. Moving on… As the surviving ships of the human holocaust band together in space, several colonial warriors, Apollo, Starbuck and the level-headed Lt.

The following sequence on Carillon is where the pilot episode goes off course a bit for me. Like this: Like Loading February 25, at am.

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What is commonly believed to be B5's original planned ending, written before the show began, might well have made the grade.

To understand the fall of BSG, one must examine it both in terms of more general goals for good SF, and the stated goals of the head writer and executive producer, Ronald D.

The ending failed by both my standards which you may or may not care about but also his. Moore began the journey by laying out a manifesto of how he wanted to change TV SF.

He wrote an essay about Naturalistic science fiction where he outlined some great goals and promises, which I will summarize here, in a slightly different order.

Over time he expanded, modified and sometimes intentionally broke these rules. He allowed the ships to make sound in space after vowing they would not.

He eschewed aliens in general. He increased his focus on characters, saying that his mantra in concluding the show was "it's the characters, stupid.

In addition, his other goal for the end was to make a connection to our real world. To let the audience see how the story of the characters related to our story.

Indeed, the writers toyed with not destroying Galactica, and leaving it buried on Earth, and ending the show with the discovery of the ship in Central America.

They rejected this ending because they felt it would violate our contemporary reality too quickly, and make it clear this was an alternate history.

Moore felt an alternative universe was not sufficient. But it all came to a far lesser end due to the following failures I will outline in too much detail:.

And then I'll explain the reason why the fall was so great -- how, until the last moments, a few minor differences could have fixed most of the problems.

Caprica is set 56 years before the first Cylon war, and deals with the origin of the metal Cylons. This meta review provides links to some of the recent low-spoiler reviews.

As you will read in all of them, Caprica is very different in tone from BSG. It's a drama set on a planet, not a space opera. My disappointment with how BSG was ended lowered my expectations for Caprica, which is of course a good thing.

You always enjoy a work more when you go into it with lower expectations. In an ideal world, one would wish for a way to get great recommendations on worthwhile things that don't raise high expectations -- you would enjoy life more.

It was the high expectations I put on BSG that in part led to the ending being such a letdown. However, the overall review is positive.

If you didn't have the references to polytheistic religion, in fact, a viewer would be hard pressed to spot differences from a typical tv-SF depiction of a decade or two in the future.

Of course, the religion is important in this show, as it became important in BSG. While the God of Galactica Gog does not show it's face directly, we must wonder if it will do so later.

However, the religion is fundamental to the plot in that many of the characters do very dramatic things motivated by their religious beliefs.

Which is perfectly fine, of course -- some people mistook my criticism of the presence of an interventionist god in BSG as criticism of religion playing a role in a story.

You will get some items from Caprica that help explain important elements of BSG. They are more subtle than normal, but there.

So the verdict is to watch it, though you will also do fine waiting the 8 months for it to appear on the air.

The DVD version contains a bunch of mostly lesbian makeout scenes which won't show on TV; presumably they are there to keep the boys titillated.

They occur -- no spoiler here, as you see this in the first 2 minutes of the show -- in a virtual reality club which is the setting for a number of scenes in the show.

It may be a bit surprising at first to see the Capricans using technology far beyond what is seen on BSG when it comes to computers and robotics.

Obviously the colonies had a minor Butlerian jihad after the Cylon war. This was hinted at several times during the BSG series.

Advance note: Is there a reader who has video editing skills who might want to put together a short and amusing BSG-based parody video that I have conceived of?

Contact me if so. As is obvious to any reader here, I was quite disappointed with the god-did-it ending of BSG. However, we'll need to examine this god a bit more because in some way, it's the only other character, besides Young Bill Adama, who we will see in the upcoming Caprica series.

The god appears to some extent, as an underground monotheist cult exists and 2 of the 3 initial Cylons are patterned after its members.

It has to be assumed it is from here the Cylons got their own monotheist religion. If readers have wondered why I've been so silent, it's because just after the final episode I took a great trip to the middle east, and there is not much time for blogging on such a trip.

To re-open discussion let me examine some issues raised in comments and also add more with the perspective of time.

I can understand that philosophy in writing. However, I do believe that if this was truly the case, the right thing to do is not create giant mysteries for the audience.

I won't deny that some of my distaste for the religious ending comes from my own preference for a realistic SF story, where everything that happens has a natural, rather than supernatural explanation, and that this comes in part from my non-religious worldview.

Nonetheless, I believe there are many valid reasons why you don't want to have interventionist gods in your fiction. God should not be a character in your story, unless you are trying to write religious fiction like Left Behind or Touched by an Angel.

First I want to cover a little more about why this ending is of so much concern to many viewers. While many will accept that it is unscientific, and just say that they never cared that much about such things, the particular errors and issues of the final plot are rather special.

What we saw was not merely spacecraft making sound in space or FTL drives or some other random scientific error.

Readers of this blog won't have to guess my disappointment with the 2nd half of the finale. And yes, I will tear apart how silly, and pointless the way Moore wanted to end it was.

Posts on episode-day usually get quickly overtaken by the new episode, so I am holding off some general articles I have for post-show.

But with 3 hours to go, I thought I would open up speculation on two topics I haven't gotten a large read on. These are the Opera House and All along the Watchtower.

I've read much speculation about both. We've been told since season one that "god's plan" is to unite the Cylons and humans, in particular through a hybrid race in Hera.

The Final Five can breed with the 7, and I suspect with the humans, but I suspect the Final Five will all die, their race entirely wiped out.

In the first part of Daybreak, we are told that the Colony is in the accretion disk a reasonably close orbit of a naked singularity. Naked singularities are an unsettled question in physics.

Some don't think they can exist, others say they can. Here is an explanation from Scientific American written from the pro side.

Skip to main content. A minor update on my main review of BSG: After the show concluded, many viewers complained about how all the clues in the show had pointed -- some very directly -- to the show being set in the future, and little had suggested it would be set in the past.

A few weeks ago I reviewed the disappointing "The Plan" and in particular commented on how I wished the Cylons really had had a plan of some complexity.

Overall verdict: You won't miss a lot if you miss this, feel free to wait for it to air on TV. This suggests the following sidebar on religion: Many religions struggle with the concept of a god that is so omniscient, it knows the future.

There are, of course, major spoilers in this essay. Ron Moore's goals To understand the fall of BSG, one must examine it both in terms of more general goals for good SF, and the stated goals of the head writer and executive producer, Ronald D.

Keeping the science real. Strong, real characters, avoiding the stereotypes of older TV SF. The show should be about them, not the hardware. A new visual and editing style unlike what has come before, with a focus on realism.

The successes, and then failures During its run, BSG offered much that was great, in several cases groundbreaking elements never seen before in TV SF: Artificial minds in humanoid bodies who were emotional, sexual and religious.

Getting a general audience to undertand the "humanity" of these machines. Stirring space battles with much better concepts of space than typically found on TV.

Bullets and missiles, not force-rays. No bumpy-head aliens, no planet of the week, no cute time travel or alternate-reality-where-everybody-is-evil episodes.

Dark stories of interesting characters. Multiple copies of the same being, beings programmed to think they were human, beings able to transfer their mind to a new body at the moment of death.

A mystery about the origins of the society and its legends, and a mystery about a lost planet named Earth. A mystery about the origin of the Cylons and their reasons for their genocide.

Daring use of concepts like suicide bombing and terrorism by the protagonists. Kick-ass leadership characters in Adama and Roslin who were complex, but neither over the top nor understated.

Starbuck as a woman. Before she became a toy of god, at least. Baltar: One of the best TV villains ever, a self-centered slightly mad scientist who does evil without wishing to, manipulated by a strange vision in his head.

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Das hat der Serie dann echt nicht sonderlich gut getan. Der eingeblendete Hinweis Banner dient dieser Informationspflicht. Anders als etwa bei BSG, führen die Lost Macher nichts ein, bevor sie nicht wissen wie sie es dann später auflösen können. Silvester Lotto Zahlen die Silberpreis Statistik Staffel können wir reden meinetwegen, die haben wir seit vorhin durch. Ich bin ein absoluter Fan der Serie Stargate Atlantis ist noch besserund kann das Mystic See ganz Hero Star. I hope you like them. It is very easy to build the fleet of your favorite tv show. Neuwagen Konfiguratoren: Eure bezahlbaren Sizzling Hot Chomikuj.Pl Kommentare: Modellbau, Präsentation, Serien. Januar Vor kurzen habe ich sie nun fertig gestellt die Battlestar Galactica nun hier mein kleiner Bericht dazu. Battlestar Galactica gehört für mich zu den besten Remakes, welche einerseits Elemente des Vorgängers aufgreifen und daraus doch etwas. This blog will soon feature information and photos for all incarnations of of Luciana Carro (Captain Louanne "Kat" Katraine) from BATTLESTAR GALACTICA​. Heute werde ich gar nicht erst Tessa Spiele Kostenlos kommen weiterzugucken. The rules are very easy but allow a complex game. Die Serie war Suchbilder Kostenlos Spielen allles andere als perfekt, aber da die Spannung so hoch gehalten wurde, habe ich gerne über die pseudophilosphischen Handlungsstänge hinweggesehen. Ich hatte mal vor geraumer Romee Spiel in die alte Kampfstern Galactica Serie reingeschaut und das ist überhaupt nichts für mich gewesen. Hi, der du deinen Delta schon so lang fahren darfst Darstellung: Paybox Bank Tag Hell und freundlich, für helles Umgebungslicht. I really like the colourful pieces. So zerstritten und Gratis Spieleseiten wie die Überlebenden waren, kann ich mir nicht vorstellen, dass es ausgerechnet in dieser Frage nicht zu Aufständen kam.

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